a blank year

I’m sitting right here. We tried a new location for our Christmas tree this year and as hard as it is sometimes to change tradition, this was a great change. It made for a very cozy, comfortably-lit corner. After I plopped down on the floor, opened my laptop, poured a glass of wine, (OK, my hubby poured it – details, details 😉 ), I looked around for a second and realized how nice it was to just sit here for a moment. Yes, there’s crumpled paper under the chair, but I don’t care. The big holiday push is past; we’ve eaten enough for a small city; (regular eating starts this week!), and I hung a completely blank calendar on the side of our fridge.

2018. It’s a blank canvas, a chapter completely unknown to anyone but God. After completing an online yoga class, I thought about what profound bits of wisdom I could share. I came up with nothing. Thinking about what I’ve been appreciating lately, one word did pop into my head. People. Everyone has a story-something great, something awful, something amazing, something hard. There are a plethora of incredible folks out there who inspire me daily. Usually, they inspire without intentionally doing so. Usually these are people who do things quietly and without fanfare. Not because they hope for fame and accolades, but because it’s just “the right thing to do”.

The more I think about sharing stories from these great people, the more excited I get. Their stories look like many of ours: happy, raw, generous, painful, faithful, questioning. The adjectives can go on and on. But instead of me doing all the talking, I’ll let their stories do that. The first story is in the works and will be up soon. Until then, happy “blank year” to you and yours…God bless!