five and under (buffalo cauliflower)

Are you tired of searching for easy, tasty recipes? Sometimes I’m all about lots of creativity and ingredients, but other times, all I want to do is dump a few things together in a pot and call it a day.

For some reason, my husband has been dousing his food in either bbq sauce or an assortment of spice blends. While I could take that as a hint that my cooking is boring and bland, I choose not to interpret it that way. (Probably safer for all involved, anyway!) We have been eating a lot more veggies now that both kids are away and in college, (#emptynesterseatingmoreveggies), but I was getting sick of vegetable soup, steamed veggies and stir fry. There must be something more interesting.

Enter cauliflower. Have you noticed cauliflower recipes are everywhere lately? Reminds me of the kale-kick from last year. Kale in smoothies. Kale in salads. Kale chips that cost an arm and a leg. Lots of kale. I enjoy kale. It’s cheap, good for you and the way I make it, turns out crunchy like chips. Yummy! (Click here if you want to try it.)

Cauliflower has made its way into my fridge as a regular staple. I remember buying it with my mom at farm stands when I was a kid. Oddly enough, I liked it. I didn’t like a lot of vegetables, but cauliflower, I liked. It’s pretty and crunchy and doesn’t need a lot of embellishment to make it taste good.

I stumbled upon this recipe when looking for something spicy to cook up that would require only stuff I already had on hand. Five ingredients. (Well, actually six if you count salt and pepper as two separate things.) I thought it’d be fun to collect recipes that are ‘five and under’…five ingredients or less. If you like spicy, give this one a try. You may even already have everything you need: cauliflower, hot sauce, butter, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

What’s your go-to ‘five and under’ recipe? Feel free to comment here or on the Prayer Stew facebook page. Thanks a bunch and I’m looking forward to seeing what y’all come up with! Bon’ appetit!

Giving credit where it’s due: Thank you to for allowing me to share your recipe. I’ve made it a lot and it turns out great every time!

Bonus: Another cauliflower fav at my house is ‘Cauliflower Rice’. Nothing against regular rice, but sometimes I just feel a bit more ‘veggie-ish’. This is easy peasy to make and only takes three ingredients! (Well, actually four if we’re still counting salt and pepper separately.) For this recipe, click here.