chicken soup with love

It’s fun to have a collection. Snow globes, thimbles, fridge magnets, charms, fun socks, aprons, whatever! In addition to quickly becoming a yarn-hoarder, I have a nice collection of recipes. Admittedly, not all of them have been tried, but I own them for a reason. Some are from friends, scribbled on a piece of scrap paper. Some are cute little cards in a box. Some are tried-and-true family favorites, (see “Mr. Tony Mac-n-Cheese“). Others are pages I ripped out of magazines with good intentions. Many pages of my cookbooks have stains where I slopped an ingredient or two. Speaking of cookbooks, I own three copies of “Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook”. Yes. three copies. It’s the coolest thing: one is originally mine; one was my mom’s and one was her mom’s. See? Told you it was cool! 📚🍽

I know pinterest has quickly turned into an incredible place to seek and store recipes, and I enjoy it. A lot. But, my pile of recipes is still one of my cherished possessions and I totally appreciate it when someone is willing to share one of their own with me.

This brings me to Nancy. Nancy and her husband Joe are friends of ours from church. They recently celebrated a big milestone anniversary and they are great role models for what couples could look like. There is a sense of peace, confidence and respect about them, especially when they talk about each other. Specifically, when Joe talks about Nancy. Joe is the first to tell you what an amazing cook his lovely bride is. It’s true. Nancy is a great cook. There’s something different about her food. Joe says cooking and baking are most definitely giftings of Nancy’s. Joe knows without a doubt that Nancy is a top-notch cook.

And Nancy knows that Joe knows. (Are ya’ still with me?) It’s a great back-and-forth relationship filled with equal appreciation for each other. Nancy posts photos on social media of dishes she cooks for her husband and you can just tell that it’s gonna be good! So when she posted a photo of a big bowl of fresh, homemade (of course!), chicken noodle soup, I had to know. I love making soup and just had to know if Nancy had a secret ingredient. More importantly, was she willing to share it with me?

She gave me the recipe and guess what? There is a secret ingredient. When I think about it, it’s truly no secret. It’s what makes everything better. And to be honest, I wasn’t surprised to see that it’s actually a legit part of her recipe. And sure enough, the soup tasted wonderful. But, of course, everything made with love usually does.

Giving credit where it is due: Recipe shared by Nancy Sniesak. When you want to put together a bowl of warm, amazing home-made deliciousness, click here for the recipe.